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Saturday, May 27, 2006


This is a flash assignment I did for digital tools. We had to bounce a ball that had a 3/4 face and a tail on a background.

Right-Click Image and Click Play


Daks said...

dude that's wicked.

I love the face you put on him, that's so classic.

Nora said...

LOL, thats awesome...and you did a great job on the seaweed motion of the tail :D

JU (JunYu Zhao) said...

hahahaha so cute. fat ball jump~~

Jamesc said...

Hey thanks for the critiques on my drawing, that was helpful as I initially did not notice the flatness of the foot.

Maria said...

the ball bounce is good, but...i dunno, the tail feels a little fast.

Oh, and the background is freakin' sweet.