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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pvt Poh Tah Toe

And now for something I did recently.

In character design we're finally getting into actually full-fledged model sheets. Here's my first one ever.

Also here's a neat trick... Follows the same principle as the burned retina ghost image, but with a sweet new spin: hue & saturation.


Druie said...

nice poses, and much cleaner than the other stuff on the blog! =D just curious, what medium did you use to clean?

Riè said...

LOL Private Potahtoe! Nice poses. I really love how there's so much personality in this model sheet! Great job!

Jamesc said...

Nice characters n0rm! I just realized your name rhymes with p0rn haha.. ok nvm.. er..

keep up the good work.