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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Flesh + Bone

A cool and informative project of corporeal exploration we had to do for life drawing. I'm not sure how proportionate the pose actually is, but I think it yielded some nice drawings that have a unique feel to their own.

My apologies for the rather yucky photos as they were taken in a rush when the secretary was in a hurry to leave and I was in need of passing them into her care.


Cuxo said...

the skeleton and muscles assignment was good, i learned a lot too. great rendering on those by the way!

the stop motion project is coming along!

Jamesc said...

holy sit mang you went all out on that muscle page eh? nice job it looks good.

nice new page, now I know where you've been the last couple days with you not being in school and all haha!

Druie said...

nice work on the skeleton and muscle studies!